List of draft Thai Industrial Standards (TIS)
 TISI Work Programme
          At least once every six months, TISI shall publish a work programme containing its name and address, the standards it is currently preparing and the standards which it has adopted in the preceding period. A standard is under preparation from the moment a decision has been taken to develop a standard until that standard has been adopted.
          The work programme shall for each standard indicate, in accordance with any ISONET rules, the classification relevant to subject matter, the stage attained in the standard's development and the references of any international standardss taken as a basis.
Part 1 List of draft Thai Industrial Standards arrange according to stages of standards development
  Stage 0 Priority list
  Stage 1 Draft proposal
  Stage 2 Committee draft
  Stage 3 Draft standards to be approved by the Industrial Product Standards Council
Part 2 Alphabetical Subject Index
Last Update : 7 April 2022