The Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) has its mission to carry out national standardization in order to promote, support and develop acceptable quality of domestic products; as well as to increase competitiveness of Thai industries in the world market, to preserve environment, and to protect consumers in terms of fairness, safety of life and property, as well as to supervise conformity assessment bodies. TISI authorities are as follows:
          1. To conduct activities according to the Industrial Product Standards Act, the National Standardization Act as well as associated regulations.
          2. To suggest policies, guidelines, and measures for promoting and developing national standardization and associated standardization infrastructures.
          3. To conduct activities related to national standardization information.
          4. To promote, supervise, and provide accreditation services as well as to unify national accreditation system.
          5. To promote and develop public and private organizations and personnel relating to standardization.
          6. To cooperative and coordinate with domestic, foreign and international organizations and agencies relating to standardization as well as to make technical cooperation agreements.
          7. To conduct other activities as specified by law, or as designated by the Minister of Industry or the Cabinet.